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Adler and Allan operate across the UK and overseas, providing a full range of oil and environmental services to a blue chip customer base. A&A have been contracted to undertake specialist tank installation, cleaning and maintenance work with a number of national companies across a range of industries.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions provides a 3D laser scanning service to terminals and other facilities, gathering millions of measured data points that would otherwise take months to collect using traditional methods. The resulting ‘point cloud’ file allows the client to take a virtual tour of the site and take accurate measurements.

Aquilar is a provider of world leading leak detection technologies, providing the appropriate installation design and support. Aquilar has a highly trained and knowledgeable team, specialising in Pentair’s TraceTek and AquiTron leak detection systems.

CRESCO Marketing is a marketing agency specialising in, and dedicated to, the Tank Terminal Industry. Launched in July 2012, the company has rapidly become a well-known name in the tank terminal industry. CRESCO uses a combination of classic and new media marketing tools to create bespoke campaigns for a growing number of Storage Industry clients.

Emerson Automation Solutions is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution facilities in key industries.

Terminals are increasingly challenged to meet changing customer and market demands to move and store more products faster and safer. This requires more sophisticated terminal management systems. With more than 7,500 industry experts around the world, Emerson helps to solve cross-industry tank problems.

Flotech Performance Systems Limited is a provider of solutions for the storage, transfer and distribution of liquids and gases. FlotechPS’ extensive range of solutions and products include Additive Injection Systems, Blending Systems, Bottom Loading Systems, Top Loading Systems, Top Loading Arms, Bottom Loading Arms and Pressurising Systems.

Knowsley SK are renowned for the design, manufacture and delivery of innovative fire fighting systems for the protection of high value Oil, Gas & Petrochemical installations. Knowsley SK Ltd has an enviable reputation for finding the complete fire fighting solution that incorporates highly reliable systems & equipment for use in all manner of harsh environments.

Radar Tank Gauging Ltd is the distributor for Rosemount ‘Raptor’ high accuracy tank gauging systems for any facility storing high value liquid products.  The system is based upon radar tank gauges offering high accuracy required to meet HM Customs & Excise requirements.

Scully Signal Company is an engineering and manufacturing company established in 1936. With customers like BP, Exxon/Mobil, Delta Airlines, and Union Pacific, Scully is a brand name in the transport and storage of petroleum and liquid chemicals. Scully’s core systems include, but are not limited to, overfill prevention, retained product monitoring, vehicle grounding, level alert notification, and vehicle to terminal communications.

With 40,000 professionals, across 60 countries, we are one of the world’s leading consulting and engineering companies operating across Energy and the Built Environment.

Well Services Group provides a full range of high-quality services to the international oil and gas industry, the petrochemical industry and the energy sector, both onshore and offshore.

Our Well Intervention services ensure that well sites produce to an optimum level, both onshore and offshore. We provide the expertise and work in collaboration with our customers to ensure that their well performance is improved, time and time again.